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July 24, 2011

Freedom To Speak Is A Basic Human Right That Cannot Be Suppressed

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Freedom of speech is a basic human right. It is the freedom to say what you want without fear of being suppressed either by coercion, imprisonment or punishment. It is inherent in every individual and people who have no freedom of speech are not truly free.

All over the world, democratic countries respect and protect the rights of the individual and its citizens to be able to speak out and say what they want. They can complain about the government, the people who rule them or the system without being afraid that someone will come after them or something bad will happen to them.

Freedom of speech is guaranteed by the constitution of countries that follows the rule of law and who believe that the powers of the government emanates from the people. They believe that it is the citizenry makes up the backbone of the nation and the government exists to protect and serve the interest of the people.

For this reason, the freedom to speak out and criticize the government or public officials of wrong doing cannot be curtailed and even nurtured because by that freedom, the country becomes stronger and more powerful and the people supports them.

However, there are also countries where people are not free to speak out. The people are oppressed and held hostage by unscrupulous rulers who abuse their powers and suppress everyone who tries to speak up and complain. These countries have rulers who are dictators and tyrants. They will use all kinds of excuses and threats to keep their people silent.

When the people are fed up and rise up against them, they immediately clamp down on the media, newspapers, the internet and other forms of communication including cell phones to keep their people from reporting their abuses and talking about it to the outside world.

Rulers and leaders who try to suppress the freedom of speech are pathetic. Hard as they might, people will still talk and when international media gets to know about it, the consequence can be disastrous to the tyrants.  History has a long record of rulers who have been overthrown by wars and uprising because the people are unhappy.

When freedom is curtailed, humans have the tendency to fight back and things can be very violent if they are suppressed. It is like a silent volcano that gathers up enough pressure and soon enough it will just erupt and destroy everything in its way.

History has also shown that countries that safeguard the freedom of its people enjoy popular support and flourishes. The nation becomes progressive and powerful because people are able to speak up and contribute ideas for the country to grow and develop.

Protecting the right of the people to speak up in effect protects the existence of the nation. When people are free to talk, they discuss, they argue and exchange ideas. Their minds become fertile grounds for new ideas that can develop into realities to push the country forward in its development. Freedom of speech feeds the core of democracy and guarantees the existence of the nation as well.

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